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By: Kathy L. Nguyen | Published 5.26.23

Once again, the time has come... to see which luxury chapstick reigns supreme. Which of the mightiest pedlers of conspicuous consumption are in the business of good products and who are the ones that aren't? 

Today I will be testing and reviewing a cult favorite: Dior's Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm. How will this high-end chapstick compare to the others? Let's find out.

VII. The Chariot

By: Kathy L. Nguyen | Published TBD

If you've stumbled upon these messages: they were meant for you. However you were guided here, here you are. It means you were meant to read this and I was meant to write it. 

Here is where our destinies interweave. Here is the point in space where our previously separated trajectories converge. 

Welcome Reader, it's great to have you here.

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By: Kathy L. Nguyen | Published 3.16.23

Welcome to a new series on my blog, "Luxury Chapstick Review" where I'll give my honest take on everyone's favorite, gender-neutral beauty essential: chapstick.

So, is Chanel's Rouge Coco Baume worth the money? Let's find out!

By Kathy L. Nguyen Published on 3.4.23 | Updated 3.14.23

My classical guitar instructor has very beautifully stated that when we are playing music what we are doing is decorating time. Isn't that such a lovely way to phrase it?

Lately, I've been wanting to expand my music practice while trying something novel and unusual. Sometimes a girl needs a little fun to make it through the last stretch of winter. Are you down to go on an adventure with me? Here's a list of affordable, quirky instruments I'm dying for us to play together.

By Kathy L. Nguyen | Published on 2.23.23

Each of the authors on this list is a master of language in his respective genre: whether it be academic, literary, oratory, or in popular culture literature. Unveiled in each text are transgressive displays of raw humanity: transposed clearly, distinctively, and articulately. 

I dare each of you to expand your perspectives and take a glimpse outside your bubbles. Maybe you'll learn something or maybe even, god forbid, feel something. Let's find out.

By Kathy L. Nguyen | Published 2.2o.23

Money can't buy happiness but, sometimes, it'll buy you a smile.

Though typically frugal in nature when it comes to spending my own hard-earned money, I do have a penchant for the ridiculous. I've prepared a list of some of the high-end essentials I'm always down to ante up for. So, without request, here are some life-improving, albeit, decadent items that I never hesitate to splurge on. 

By Kathy L. Nguyen | Published 2. 8.23

The hybrid, low residency, or WFH lifestyle has been such a great boon for many of us who are privileged enough to be able to learn or earn income without having to report to the office each day.

Since our homes have to now become our offices as well as our living spaces, it's crucial that we're able to create areas in our living space that are conducive to concentration and focus. We need spaces that will allow us to meet deadlines and produce work good enough for the higher-ups to let us continue working from home in peace.

By: Kathy L. Nguyen | Published: 2.3.23

Are you alone right now? 

Here's an ultra-luxe list of Valentine's day gifts no woman will be able to resist: pink Chanel purses. Listen up Boys, these punchy pink purses are high-end show-stoppers. Just about any of them will have her on her knees while she's picking up her jaw from the floor. 

And lucky you, you'll never have to worry about being alone again.

By: Kathy L. Nguyen | Published: 1.31.23

Luckily, not everything worth having is expensive. As a creative, you never know when inspiration will strike. Here are the 7 affordable, high-quality office and school supplies I've had in my bag for the past 10 years.

By: Kathy L. Nguyen  First Published: 6.22.22 | Updated: 2.3.23

Once again, the Cosmos open the curtain to the theater on Earth to entertain the boisterous, idle Gods with their favorite tragicomedy. 

This macabre and morality-driven narrative is a tale of how eagerness and enthusiasm coupled with ignorance and inexperience inevitably bring humiliation and shame. From his fall, we hope some insight and strategy is gleaned lest our hero is doomed to repeat these dangerous follies again and again and again.