Kathy L. Nguyen

Punchy, original, engaging, and adaptable content writing for print & digital publication, SEO, or digital marketing.

Delivered reliably from New Haven, Connecticut. 

Nice to meet you, I'm Kathy.

I’m a commercial writer living and working in New Haven, Connecticut. Still "green" to the trade, by April 2023, I had sold over 35 articles since my first published article, "The Most Decadent Girl's Trip Gift Ideas to Spoil Your Besties".

After getting my start and cutting my teeth as a professional writer in May 2022, I began writing content for several women's beauty and lifestyle companies. However, after six months of commercial writing, my interest in writing shifted from SEO content to actually spending my time producing high-quality, engaging writing that wasn't just about trying to push products. Not that there is anything wrong with digital marketing content, simply put: I wanted to expand my professional writing repertoire and skills.  

In January 2022, I took the plunge and began to apply for writing positions at women's lifestyle digital publications. Shortly afterward I was pleased to have earned offers from 2/3 of the publications. I am now a regularly contributing features writer at Glam.com, a women's lifestyle digital publication under Static Media

It's been a great experience: engaging in a digital newsroom, receiving mentorship in the digital publication process, and gaining more experience with CSS publishing. It's also been a great experience learning how to plan and organize well-researched and sourced, long-format, 3,000-word articles and their accompanying images. 

At the moment, my intentions are to continue learning the trade and expanding my portfolio and writing practice. I hope that in the future I'll have the skills in my wheelhouse to take on higher-stakes projects while continuing to grow my associations in the publishing industry.